beauty for a friday and a project

This rose is growing in the front yard at my sister's home. When I saw it today, I knew I had to capture it with a picture!

My sister was much more of a gardener than I growing up. She loved to get her hands in the dirt, and was always planting something new come Spring and Summer. She is still the same way today, and I'm glad that I caught the gardening bug; our conversations as adults are now full of garden news and dreams.

In other news, we are busy working on another home project - a deck! We have a large concrete patio (approximately 16 feet x 30 feet) and we finally decided we'd like to have a deck built on half of the concrete. Since we like to do things ourselves, my husband has been busy at work and I've been busy lending lots of moral support! Once it is complete I'll post a photo, but in the meantime, this is my favorite photo of the project so far. Little Hands Learning is what I call it.