homemade: honey wheat bread

Like I've mentioned before we are on our school break, and this is the season of the year where I get to focus on homemaking skills and gardening. It might not sound like a break to you, but it is for me! During the school year I make notes of things I'd like to learn and research for my own growth and then when we have a break, I dig right in! Come August, I know that I'll be eager to hit the books with my children and have another break, this time from the intensive season of gardening and adventures.

In the meantime, here I am learning once again. I wanted to find a bread recipe that I can use mainly for toast and sandwiches. I found a winner at Homestead Revival. It is an easy recipe put together in the KitchenAid mixer (no kneading required), and it freezes well. I didn't change a thing about the recipe. My goal is to only make this bread and not purchase it from the store. I know how to give myself grace, and if I need to purchase bread, I will, but now I have my go-to bread recipe!

On a side note, Homestead Revival is a favorite blog of mine for it's wisdom regarding frugality and practicality in homemaking. I'm sure I've mentioned the blog before, but if you like gardening and homemaking it is a great resource from which to learn.


Susanna said…
Ohh, I have just been considering how to eliminate buying bread. Have you tried Rudi's organic whole wheat bread? It's pretty amazing. What's the exact recipe?
Rachel said…
I haven't tried Rudi's...I'll keep my eye out if I need a loaf! If you click on the red highlighted words "easy recipe" it will take you to the recipe.
Susanna said…
Last question. Would you consider this a chock full of fiber whole grain recipe? I'm always looking for high fiber grain breads..any idea? I guess it has 6 cups of ww flour, right? Ladies at church mill their wheat! I need to jump on that bandwagon!:) Ok, maybe not.:) Rudi's is amazing. My Costco has it for the cheapest and Walmart does carry it in their bread aisle (here anyway). Be aware, it's pricey but oh my word, heavenly. And full of fiber!
Rachel said…
I'm not great with the science details behind food (yet!), but since it is whole wheat bread I know it's better than white. :) I can also simply taste the difference when I eat it, and I don't have to eat as much of the bread to feel full (like store bought). I think milling wheat would be wonderful, too, but that's off in the future for me!

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