homemade: pizza crust

I came across a blog post recently where the writer found a recipe that has become the favorite pizza crust for her family. Well, it had been some time since I'd made homemade pizza, the recipe sounded easy enough, so I bookmarked it for future use.

Last Friday, I was craving pizza. The night before we had steak and potatoes, of which I had leftovers as I usually do, but I wasn't wanting the leftovers! To justify the pizza I simply made one steak pizza for my meat loving men, and one half cheese, half pepperoni pizza as well.

I followed the recipe to a "t" except for not kneading the dough for eight minutes (that's a long time!), and I used my own ratio of white flour to wheat flour. The pizzas turned out wonderful. The dough was more fluffy (not as dense) as past recipes. I'll be using this recipe again (soon)!