homemade: rosemary sage hair rinse

Rosemary Sage Hair Rinse

When my friend recently took the plunge to use baking soda to wash her hair, it finally nudged me to do the same. Now that I've begun using baking soda to wash my hair instead of shampoo, I can't stop.

Following a couple of weeks of only washing with baking soda and not using conditioner I could tell that my hair needed softening. After reading this post about making my own herbal hair rinse, and having the items on hand to do so, I took that plunge as well. A simple rinse is made by boiling sage and rosemary in water, letting it cool, then adding white or apple cider vinegar and keeping in the refrigerator until use to prolong its life. I keep a small jar near the shower and use about 1/4 C. per hair rinsing.

I admit I was skeptical, about using both baking soda and a natural hair rinse. My hair began to change after I had children and entered my thirties - quite baffling me, I might add - but this new way of cleansing my hair has made it more full and manageable, and I don't have to wash it as often. The rinse provides softness as soon as it is poured on my head. To say that I am pleased is an understatement! It's wonderful to find everyday uses for products I already have on hand.


Nana Mayfield said…
I discovered this fantastic combination just recently. I too am 'poo-less' and use ACV as a rinse. My hair is incredibly soft.. softer than it ever was with commercial hair care products. After the ACV is rinsed out, I apply the sage/rosemary mixture, and discovered that if added black tea w/spices, it masked the vinegar smell and left an exotic scent. I also discovered that my thinning hair is beginning to regrow and thicken again. I adore natural remedies!