these gardening days (2012 garden update)

Each evening we enjoy a fresh garden salad with our dinner. Many days for lunch I enjoy a salad made with garden lettuce, cilantro and topped with a boiled egg (from our hens). These Spring days make me thankful we take the time to grow our own produce; it encourages me to learn how to do so throughout more of the year.

Here is how the garden is currently shaping.



 parsnip tops


 roma tomato plants

 assorted tomato plants

carrot tops

bush beans

We are faithfully, daily watering and weeding our garden. It has been dry and windy, not conducive to growth, but our watering is paying off in that the plants are beautiful and healthy. However, our five rain barrels are almost dry, so we are hopeful for rain. The other day I told my husband we have room to add more rain barrels. When I say things like this I know he is thinking, "She is finally seeing things the way I do!" He would never say it, though. It's just not his way.

If you are gardening, I hope it is going well for you!


Julie Gates said…
Love your garden....amazed how well your cilantro is doing, I never could grow it. I'm sure watering is so helpful.