Peas and T-Ball

I planted peas late, and doubted with the heat
 that I'd have any to harvest,
but we do!
 Fresh peas are amazing. 
Whatever the item is that is sold in the can 
needs to be identified as something other than peas!
The difference in taste is striking.
We like to simply shell the peas and eat them as a snack, 
or I make a simple pea pasta as a side dish for dinner. 

My husband's Granpda Roy was able to attend 
Roone's t-ball game last week. 
He is nearing ninety,
and so enjoys seeing our son run about
with all his five-year-old energy!

This is the man that inspired my husband to garden,
and be a good steward of what he has been given.
Many nuggets of wisdom learned in life have to be self-taught,
but it is wonderful when there is a specific person you 
can pinpoint as being the teacher for a certain topic. 
Grandpa Roy still tends a small garden in his own yard every year.
I wonder if I'll have the stamina to do the same as I near that age!