transported to the highlands

I'm not sure why I've never read George MacDonald before, but now that I've read The Highlander's Last Song I'll be reading MacDonald frequently. A love story set in the Scottish highlands with eloquent descriptions of God's creation and sovereignty, this story transported me away for a few evenings, an escape from our oppressive Summer heat.

Here are two quotations from the book:

Everything comes that we may know the sender of whom it is a symbol, a far-off likeness of something in him. And to him it must lead us – the self-existent, true original love, the making love.”  from The Highlander’s Last Song

The poorest love with God is better, because truer, therefore more lasting and more genuine and more possible of infinite development than the most passionate devotion between man and woman without him. from The Highlander’s Last Song

And I'll leave you with a photo of God's goodness growing in our yard...

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