albino grackle

My husband and I are not avid photographers, hence we do not have a fancy camera (with a zoom lens!). However, we have been taking more nature photos, and a handy dandy zoom lens would be nice. This past week we observed an albino grackle in our yard. We have quite the contingent of birds in our backyard (see side bar), but this was a first for all of us. Our little camera was able to take a good picture of the creature, pink eyes and all. It was quite something to view an albino firsthand, and it captivated our family for the time it spent in our yard.

Have you ever seen an unusual creature, in your  yard or elsewhere?


Anonymous said…
On January 20th I observed what I suppose was an albino blackbird in a large flock just south of Montgomery, Alabama. The flock was quite a distance away, so I am not certain of the species, but from the sound, I am guessing grackles. This snow-white bird, however, stood out sharply from the rest.