winners! zinnia seeds

Forgive me! I meant to post the Zinnia seed winners on Sunday, but time has got away from me. Along with a busy Summer schedule (we are much more busy during these months than when we are schooling!) I haven't been feeling the best.

Anyway, Susy and Anna commented, so the Zinnia seeds are for them! Anna, will you please e-mail me your home address? I'm not sure you actually wanted the seeds, but you can give them to a friend or I can give you advice on planting!

I leave you with some pictures of garden goodness.


Susanna said…

You'll have to send along a tutorial on when to plant them. Are they perennials? You don't seem to plant very many annuals so I'm assuming so...

Hope y'all had a Happy Fourth. Ours was very quiet with our fire restrictions. No public fireworks displays at all...but at 90% containment so praise God!