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Saturday, August 4, 2012


We are the proud owners of a new pet,
either a Holland Lop or a Mini Lop
(the previous owner couldn't remember which).
Either way, she is a cutie,
and we are all taken by her.
She is a nice compromise between 
a cat (which my husband is allergic to)
and a puppy (the idea of potty training is NOT appealing).
Although it is only day one,
I'm wondering if rabbits are one of the most
low-maintenance pets. We'll see.


Julie Gates said...

Interesting.....so hows the dog taking to her? I had a lot of pet Rabbits growing up but there were outside rabbits. I love rabbits...love to here how the potty training is going!

Rachel said...

The dog and rabbit will never be together! :) Since rabbits don't like hardwood floor, she will be downstairs and Arwen is either outside or upstairs on the wood floor. And we won't train her - she already knows to do her business in her cage, and if we aren't with her she won't be roaming the house alone. :)