time moving along

The recent lack of posts is due to the fact that there is hardly anything worth photographing in the gardens. While we have had a few scattered showers lately most of my flowers have turned shades of brown too early in the season! I am also busy setting more of a routine to include our "formal" schooling. I say "formal" because the kids seem to be reading, learning, doing all the time.

The school year officially began in July, which means I began tracking school hours, but I wait until this month of August to set a routine for reading, writing, math, science, history, etc. I always forget how much this takes of me mentally, and when I get mentally tired I get physically tired! This year, however, I am determined to relax in my role as teacher. My children are diligent, eager learners which really is the end goal for my husband and I in regards to our philosophy of schooling. The trick is to provide creative opportunities to build on that foundation.

In order to maintain balance this year we will take more breaks from a formal schedule. This will provide time for adventures to expound what we have learned at home, and also provide vacation time (fun for the children and a mental break for me!). We also have found a wonderful gardening routine, and will not hesitate breaks to keep that aspect of our home life thriving. Since May we have had a stead supply of vegetables from our own yard, and our goal is to have a year-round supply. We've already planted brussel's sprouts, kale, spinach, lettuce and cilantro for an Autumn harvest, which is new for us.

I feel like we have fully transitioned to the "middle years" with our children. They are no longer little tikes always needing assistance, guidance but are independent, active, thinkers. The years were very sweet when my children were younger, and now I'm seeing how I get to enjoy the pay off of the foundation we provided for them at that time. There is a certain sense of freedom I feel now, maybe being able to grow in new ways as a person and invest in new ways in my children.

I'm not sure what this means for this little blog. I'm trying to decide where I want it to go...for it to continue as a log of our family life and adventures...or is it time for something else. I hope to decide soon, as I don't like to leave things hanging. I have to say, I thoroughly enjoy reading the blogs listed on the sidebar, and find great inspiration for particularly for schooling and gardening at those sites. Maybe I'll simply become a blog follower instead of blog writer. We shall see!


Julie Gates said…
I sure hope you continue to blog...but I know you will do what is best!