and now it's winter

Happy first day of Winter!

Yes, it has been months since a blog post, and thinking about returning gave me the idea of my first back-to-blog post being the first day of Winter. I realize the first day of Winter is not cause for celebration for many people. I have learned to enjoy the cold weather, and in future posts I'll share my reasons why. Snow arrived yesterday just in time to commemorate the season. Isn't the rose bush beautiful in her adornment?

Many adventures and picture worthy moments have taken place over the past months and I'm excited to share those, specifically adventuring in Missouri's state parks. We are still a gardening, homeschooling, bookish, outdoor-enjoying family so my themes will stay the same.

I ache for gardening activity this time of year. The beds are put to rest heavily mulched with leaves. I am scouring gardening blogs and books to get ideas for next year. One thing we did make time to accomplish this past Fall is our first hoop cover for a 4x4 gardening box. The hoop is simply a 4x4 board frame with cattle panel attached and a plastic cover stapled to it.

The hoop serves to insulate heat and moisture for the spinach growing inside. These plants are growing well, and I hope to enjoy fresh greens for dinner again soon.