merry christmas

Everyone has their favorite aspects of the Christmas season. It IS a special season, hopefully full of giving, baking, decorations, special events. It's fun to mark different seasons as unique in specific ways.

This year, for me, my favorite part of the season has been sitting around with my children, Bibles open, verse by verse reading the precious words of Scripture telling of Christ's birth. Reading can be intimidating for children, and it was just a month ago that I began this habit of three of us reading Scripture aloud during our schooling time. My youngest took to the routine well, so we pressed forward. As December approached I knew what we would be reading together, Luke chapter two and Matthew chapter one.

Reading is very special to me. Understanding Scripture and knowing God have changed me. This time together, which is a good habit any time of year, made this Christmas season extra special for me.


Julie Gates said…
Love this....His words are such an awesome gift to us and for us to give to our children.
William and I try to read a proverb a was a bit of a stretch at 1st but now he's getting into the routine.
Amanda said…
Happy New Year, my dear friend. I love the life you share.