monkey mountain nature reserve

I have mentioned previously that our family enjoys a good hike
Our Thanksgiving holiday was more on the cool side, 
but when I suggested a hike my husband was more than willing.

Desiring a new path, we chose on Monkey Mountain Nature Reserve.
When exploring a new area, you never know what you might find.
As an 855 acre nature reserve, it honestly felt desolate, 
but in a good way.
We were the only ones hiking that day, as far as we could see.
We first hiked through a thick forest on a horse trail,
and then the reserve opened to an open prairie.

I enjoyed the contrast in our hike.
I loved feeling like we were in the middle of nowhere.
The exercise from a two hour plus hike was perfect
for a holiday weekend when one has eaten more than usual!

It was a beautiful area and a wonderful discovery.
The trail is really too long to hike
in the Winter with our children,
but I'd love to return in the Spring.