a day of grace

The Grace of yesterday was a Winter day that wore the mask of Spring. Since the weather was on hiatus, we followed suit. I was so excited all weekend, because I knew a warm weather Monday was coming, and in my book that means a hike.

We set out after breakfast, donned in the appropriate clothing and loaded with appropriate nourishment. We drove to the wondrous Overland Park Arboretum. We spent three hours walking, talking, viewing, being, breathing. The Arboretum has wooded trails as well as formal gardens; most of our time was spent in the woods.

In the middle of Winter a 60 degree day is a wonder, and I felt the wonder. Touches of God's Grace come when we least expect it. I had resigned myself to no Winter hikes this season. Why? Because we were over a month into the season and no opportunity had risen for one, even over the holidays when we have more free time. My children were so grateful too during our hike, frequent gushing about our adventure told me so.

Today, the weather is another Spring-ish day, although slightly cooler and full of rain. Tomorrow, snow is forecast. Our schedule is quite affected by the weather, and moments out in fresh air are so refreshing for me. I received yesterday as a specific gift for me, although I hope others are inclined to feel the same way, too, if they experienced unseasonally warm weather.


Amanda said…
I missed your blogging during your break. So glad to have the refreshment of your life shared.
I am hungering for a walk through the woods. You have fueled the fire even more. :-)