a gentle snow

Yesterday we received more snow. At breakfast the flakes began their gentle descent, such a beautiful sight. The epic 2011 blizzard is still talked about in our home, as is the lack of snow last Winter. Maybe 2013 will find us a happy median.

This day marks the beginning of a new year, but I seem to live life through seasons now and to me it feels as if we are continuing the just-begun Winter season and enjoying the quiet, cozy in-home days. It's a time to slow down and take in how my children have grown, to consider again who we are as a family and what needs we have, to discern opportunities and dreams for the new year, to be thankful for what we have been given.

The new year looks to bring changes to our lives, and I can truly say I'm ready. After living in a good rhythm as a homemaker and homeschooling mother for some time, I sense the need for change and newness. They might be subtle, they might be overt but whatever their form I trust they will be just what this family needs.


Amanda said…
Life shifts are so good and natural. Looking forward to hear of your changes.