a great day

Motherhood is a rebuke to everything gnostic, 
the heresy that says 
only ‘spiritual’ things are worthwhile… 
Motherhood is the perfect illustration of vocation.  
God has empowered a woman to be a mother, 
and God works with a mother to sustain that fragile life. 
-Gene Edward Veith-


Nine years ago today I ended my time working outside the home and took on the title "homemaker."

The birth of my first child, due just a few days later,
precipitated this move.

My husband and I did not make a list of pro's and con's when making this choice.
We answered one question:
"Who will be the best daily caregiver for this child?"

I had received no education or training for this role as mother, 
and I had received no education or training for this role as homemaker.

In this world
where one seeks for fame, success, glory, money, security,
knowing, relationships, beauty, education, and more
the choice to be a caregiver
is viewed as a less than secondary choice.


Mothering is no second-rate ministry 
for the spiritually and intellectually mediocre. 
Mothering is a Christ-rated ministry 
for soul and mind sculptors 
and what could ever be substandard 
about passing on Christ’s standard? 
-Ann Voskamp-


Mine is a life of service. 
I serve by preparing and providing
an environment where God the Creator and Christ the Savior
can be taught and hopefully known.
I have come to know Him more as I have been stretched in this role;
as I have taught, comforted, cooked, cleaned,
planned, and loved.

This choice is not secondary, second rate, less than second.
I live the best of lives
investing specifically 
during this season
in my children's souls.