cheese ball

I had to share this because it is so, so easy.

Around our home we love cheese. Strong, sharp cheddar cheese. Actually, three out of the four of us do. My son doesn't like cheese, except for pizza cheese, and he will tell you so. His love for meat? That is another conversation that he can have with you.

Anyway, I forget when, a year or so ago, I purchased a cheese ball. My daughter loved it. Any time my children enjoy food, and it happens to not be home made, I begin thinking about how I can make it myself.

This past holiday season I made my first cheese ball, and it was a success. I searched a few recipes and came up with something simple, using just three ingredients. I used equal parts cream cheese (softened) and sharp cheddar cheese (shredded) which I mixed together (really mushed together with a large spoon). I rolled it into a ball and then rolled it over chopped walnuts. I refrigerated it before serving with crackers and summer sausage. To us (three) it is the perfect snack.