sigh...she's nine

It's funny how time passes. My daughter is nine years old? Nine years ago I gave birth to my firstborn? In some ways it seems unfathomable, and in others makes great sense. Oh well. I'm not going to think about time passing for too long, because then there goes more time!

We had a great weekend showering special moments on our sweet little lady. Winter birthdays can be tricky to celebrate, but pizza, watching The Hobbit, an indoor water park, more special meals and gifts seemed to cater to the birthday girl. It was a joy to plan this weekend for her.

Having her in my life encourages me to grow in my communication, creativity, relating, learning, leading and more. For instance, I would never have thought to make an ice cream cake, but for her birthday cake request!

So, onward we go. Treasuring one day at a time, so thankful one of God's gifts to me for this life is the relationship with my daughter.