I always enjoy watching my children read. Scratch that. I LOVE watching my children read.

I caught my son this afternoon reading The Hobbit out loud. My husband read this book with my daughter and they recently viewed the movie. My son is now interested in the story, so once again my husband is reading it through in the evenings out loud, to him this time (although I frequently see my daughter hop into the room to hear the reading too).

Now, I am the lone family member who has not had the pleasure of reading Tolkien! I better get on that if I want to see the movie. See that has been the "deal" around here. The book must be read before the movie is viewed. We don't have this standard for every movie, but it seemed a good idea considering The Hobbit is an epic story. We will do the same for The Lord of the Rings movies, although my children already know they won't be viewing those for some time since so much of the story and characters are dark.

My son found a passage where the dwarfs sing a song, and it was so fun to hear his sweet voice enjoying Tolkien's work. It provided a delightful background while I prepared our dinner last evening. (Two more things to enjoy about Winter: children reading and making ham and potato soup!)

My daughter is currently enjoying the Melendy Quartet a series by Elizabeth Enright written in the mid-1900's about four siblings and their adventures. As she is under the weather today, being cozy, reading and drinking tea are on her To Do list (well, my To Do list for her!).