brussels sprouts

Late Summer we planted brussels sprouts seeds hoping for a late Fall harvest.
I watched these plants like a hawk, hoping to see the small green heads grow.
However, no heads appeared in the Fall,
and I decided to leave the plants in the garden to just see what might happen
even as the season turned to Winter.

As the year turned to January and we enjoyed a warm day here and there,
I was curious to check out the brussels sprouts.
Although obviously not edible, 
I was so excited to find these beautiful heads on the stems.
First, just the fact that my seeds grew heads at all was wonderful to discover, 
and just look at the wonderful purple color contrasted with the green.

Two factors may have contributed to no harvest:
late planting and too many plants.
I could have planted earlier in the Summer, and thinned my plants better.

I am quite a practical person, 
and like to have a guarantee return on my investments,
no matter what type they are!
With gardening all these years, 
I have to be okay with trying a new seed or plant,
and learning from what happens,
whether I am able to receive fruit that first growing season or not.

This year we are going to plant beets and potatoes,
two new vegetables for us.
The same principle applies:
I need to give the plants the best opportunity to grow and produce,
and then enjoy and learn from whatever the outcome.