deer sighting

My husband thoroughly enjoys nature and is a deer hunter. When we first met and we'd be on a drive, he would keep his eye out for wildlife. I did not grow up with such an activity, so it took me a bit to train my eye and enjoy the search. We live in a small suburb close to both the city and the country, and the location has it's obvious advantages. This past weekend we took a drive through a rural area, actually heading toward our favorite pizza restaurant. On the way, we all kept our eyes out for deer. My son first saw some deer, and then all of us saw quite a large group on a slope. I brought my camera along, hopeful that I would be able to take a picture of some deer with the snow as a backdrop. We were all pleased with what we saw, and I have my pictures that captured this memory.

We received more snow overnight, and the final accumulation should be around a foot. It's currently a beautiful Winter wonderland around here!