enjoying the snow

One of the joys of motherhood is doing things I'd otherwise not do, and finding how much I enjoy them.

I'm not a snow lady. Meaning, playing in the snow isn't at the top of my list of activities to do.
When I was a child, of course I enjoyed the snow, and sledding was the go-to activity.

The pleasure of having children is that they draw you into a world you participated in long ago.

There have been many activities arise where I knew it would be a moment of increasing joy for my children,
but part of me just didn't want to participate,
maybe that's just being an adult!

However, each time I have got over myself,
set aside responsibilities, things to get done,
and participated,
I have truly had the best time;
and what is even better, 
I've forgone myself in order to be with my children,
getting to know them better and creating a forever memory.
And although I've set myself, my wants aside
I've been given a gift
that otherwise wouldn't have been opened.

Fresh air, the dog romping, fort building, bright Winter sunshine, snow eating,
moments captured - gifts received.


Amanda said…
Life-Giving Relationship, What A Beautiful Gift!