forsythia blooms in february

We enjoy two Forsythia bushes in our yard. They are the second plant to bloom in the Spring after the crocuses. Their bright yellow blooms are a wonderful contrast to the still grey and brown palette of the yard. The blooms are also the indicator that, yes, Spring is arriving!

This is the first year I've taken the time to clip some branches and bring them inside to try and force some blooms. To me the branches even without the blooms are pretty, but it was wonderful this week to see that, yes, I have forced the blooms open! My diligence to change the water every few days has paid off. It's fun to view the beauty of the Forsythia over a month before it will bloom naturally outside, and since we woke up to a half inch of snow covering the ground (and the Forsythia bushes) the indoor blooms are especially appreciated today.