8 more days until...spring!

My husband took this picture of our spinach bed a little more than a week ago. The spinach grew well over the Winter under a hoop, and although it didn't grow enough to harvest we have a good head start on a crop to harvest in early Spring. The right side of the bed is obviously bare. It was planted with kale and it just didn't take, but we'll more than enjoy the fresh spinach.

The snow has almost all melted, and we expect the weather to be warm, sunny and in the fifties and sixties the next number of days, a perfect prelude to official beginning of Spring. There is grass seed to plant, garden beds to ready, and pansies are available at nurseries to purchase and I just might have to partake. Although we won't plant them just yet, our seed potatoes arrived and I'll post more about this new garden adventure in the future.

Spring...it's coming!