basket of pansies

It's not officially Spring, the Forsythias are not in bloom, but we are already enjoying floral beauty with a basket of Pansies. It's wonderful to gain gardening knowledge and be able to extend the time when we can enjoy plants. Last year we enjoyed Pansies, but that was well into Spring. This year once I saw the plant nursery post their "We've Got Pansies" sign, I knew it was time to make my purchase. My children and I each picked out a color, so I have groupings of velvety purple, yellow and orange. It's sweet to share that experience with my children, get my hands in the dirt and it's not even Spring yet. There is a chance for snow later this week, but I'm past being cozy and indoors, so hopefully the forecast changes and the cold weather takes another route.

A child who learns from gardening 
is a child who is unlikely 
to robotically walk around 
with dead eyes.
Lee May

(I think the quotation applies to persons of any age!)


Julie Gates said…
Might have to steal that quote and put it on my chalk board!