Across the nation people are lamenting the current cold temperatures and the lack of Spring they feel. I include myself with the masses, but am determined to look on the bright side! Huddled inside, it's time to drink a latte, bake banana bread, anticipate watching The Hobbit with my family tomorrow, and read. Our reading time will lessen as the weather beckons us outside. Currently, my children and I are reading some wonderful books.

My daughter and I are reading Big Red by Jim Kjelgaard. It's the story of a teenage boy who takes care of Red, the dog of a wealthy man. I didn't read Kjelgaard until my husband influenced me to a few years ago. Kjelgaard's themes are usually about man and nature and man and creatures. We have not finished reading this book, yet, but it is a wonderful read transporting us to the woods and the adventures this boy has there with this dog.

My son and I are reading The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse by Thornton Burgess. We have been reading many of Burgess' books together over the Winter, and have thoroughly enjoyed them! The creatures in these stories are either creating mischief for others or getting into trouble themselves. Great little lessons are found within that children can relate to, and besides, we laugh a lot when reading these stories. It's so fun for us!

So while this is my view from the kitchen window, and the recently purchased Pansies are staying warm in the garage, I'll enjoy these final cozy days, gifts if I am using perspective!