graham cave state park

Before this blog gets taken over by gardening and 2013 adventures, I did want to back track and share about a trip we took last Fall. We took a weekend trip to St. Louis, Missouri actually prompted by the desire to explore a Native American Indian area just outside that city. I'll talk about what we discovered there in another post.

On the return trip home traveling down I-70 I knew there was a state park that I thought we could stop at to stretch our legs. Since it was literally right off the highway, and I promised my husband we didn't need to stay too long, he agreed!

Graham Cave State Park is a beautiful park. We saw it in mid-October and it was a gorgeous array of oranges, gold, browns, reds, yellows. The center piece of the park is the cave sandstone cave you see above. (The cave is not safe to enter and is blocked off.)

The park also has a number of hiking trails which we explored. It was a peaceful, non-strenuous walk that stretched our legs and gave us a breath of fresh, Autumn air before we continued our journey east to home.

I was thrilled to be able to spent even just a bit of time at this park. I've said before that we so enjoy Missouri State Parks, and when we experience a another park for the first time we receive confirmation that Missouri is a beautiful, unique place to live.


Amanda said…
Thank you for sharing this. I want to go now!