preparing the garden

Last Friday and Saturday we had great weather, so the week before we prepared to work in the yard.

We decided to expand the garden for 2013, so we purchased wood to make 
five more 4x4 raised beds.

We do have a large compost pile, 
but to fill these new beds we needed to purchase compost.
We have a local company 
from which we are able to purchase
compost and mulch when we need it.
A large load of compost arrived Friday and all day Saturday
we had out our shovels and wheelbarrows
taking the compost to the raised beds in the backyard.

We now have a vegetable garden of 15 raised beds - 
five 4x8 beds and ten 4x4 beds.

This is our 10th year tending this garden.

It has come a long way from 2004 when we put in two 4x4 beds
and one long trellis.

We learned quickly that we do not need a fence to protect 
against squirrels and rabbits
since we have an outdoor dog.
We also learned that we don't need mulch 
since the mower fits between the beds.
I think it is beautiful to have the garden open, without a fence,
and part of the yard.

Now, for the weather to get warm so we can plant!

(As always, when I use the term  "we" to refer to home projects
and physically intense outdoor projects
my dear husband does most of the work
while I help as I can 
and also provide good food and words of encouragement!)