spring is...

one day cold and rainy, the next warm and sunny, the next? wait and see!
daily bike riding
dining al fresco
fresh strawberries
family badminton
background music: personal bird choir
digging in the dirt, planting vegetable seeds
hammock lounging after gardening
t-ball fun
sand tracked inside
almost forgetting our daily reading
potato plants growing (we're too excited!)
more than one shower per day
violets and dandelions gracing the lawn
lilacs on the verge of blooming
evening toad serenades

(this time of year makes me so thankful we bought a home with more outdoor living area than indoor living area! and i'm so thankful my husband had the vision to be diligent in making it all that it is for us to enjoy, use and learn within. we've been so busy enjoying that i've neglected using my camera to record these moments, but these days of making memories, living are worth more than capturing a picture.)