the green smoothie leap

So what am I to do with all the spinach that grew over the Winter?

Well, I've never been one to say I'm ahead of the curve, and clearly I'm not on this one. Green smoothies have been showcased over blog-dom for some time. Although intrigued, I'm really not much of a smoothie gal, so I didn't jump on the bandwagon.

However, I clipped some recipes a few weeks back that made smoothies look so simple, because they are, and I've been moving forward on the smoothie train ever since. The Green Smoothie Train.

First, I actually began with a simplified version of this recipe:

Green Ginger-Peach Smoothie from Everyday Food
2 handfuls baby spinach
1 t. grated peeled fresh ginger
2 C. frozen sliced peaches
2 t. honey
1 1/4 C. water

I only used the frozen peaches, honey and water. Blend until smooth and enjoy.

Then as I stared at the ever growing spinach bed, I decided to get all crazy and add some spinach. Since I was adding spinach I decided to add apple slices and frozen orange juice cubes at the same time. Result? Love, love. love. Of course I do, because I love vegetables and fruits and as I age I seem to be eating more of those items that my once favorite food staple, carbohydrates.

My blender does a great job of chopping up the spinach (it is an almost 14-year-old Hamilton Beach = not fancy), no large pieces, and the taste is only as strong as the amount of spinach you add.

So, I have a new favorite drink, which also works for me as a meal at lunchtime. Oh, and children enjoy the goodness as well.