these days

The past two days have been very sweet. Without telling the children I decided we'd keep our schooling low key for the week. I have a To Do list that doesn't include schooling! Instead, it says "clean the 'frig," "purchase new shoes for the kids" and the like. So far this week has been getting caught up on life things, and it has felt so nice. Staying in our learning routine is important for these little minds. Structure, consistency provide a normalcy to our days and we can build each day on what we did the day before.

But do you know? Without the structure of schooling these past days my children have been busy practicing piano, reading, painting, learning cross-stitch, building and even began writing a book together. Many of those activities gave me time to organize the shoes in the garage and finally sweep that floor!

I am adjusting to bonding with my children in new ways. It was such sweet joy to teach my daughter how to cross-stitch. I didn't anticipate us enjoying that activity together, but we saw a little kit at the craft store and my daughter's interest was instantaneous. She has really taken to this new form of creativity. With my children at the ages of nine and six (nearly seven) we are simply at a new phase of growing and bonding together. We are able to enjoy more activities because the kids are more mature and full of good manners.

These non-schooling days find me being more physical around the house, getting things in order. It's a good change, a balance from being so cerebral. The garden is getting planted even more with Spinach, Carrots and Garden Peas put in the ground yesterday. Although we added five new garden beds, I told my husband I thought I could do with even more! He just looked at me and smiled.

It is Spring...the Crocus blooms say so.