dancing days

These days we are dancing. The weather goes from the upper 80's and sunny to cool and in the 70's to rainy. We take each day whatever we are given and adjust our dance steps, adventures accordingly. The dreary days are something of a gift, in that when the weather is wonderful we go, go, go. For this mom, a day indoors allows me to catch up on housework (clean clothes are nice) and rest.

This past weekend we had great, temperate weather allowing us to build up the potato beds, adding compost and raising the beds for those plants to grow.

Wherever we go we always seem to be bird watching. This little guy distracted us during lunch one day.

A Royals game fulfilled my daughter's interest in trying nachos. I will not make nacho cheese in my home, but knowing we'd be at the game I told her she could try nachos there; and of course, she liked them. As rarely as we go to baseball games, this will be a once-in-a-blue-moon treat (her definition of treat, not mine!).

Mastermind is a great brain stretching game for young minds
(old minds have to think hard too),
and distracting us from not being able to play outside.

However, the rain has been providing beautiful rose blooms for viewing.