for the love of herbs

Recently picked Basil (l) and Mint (r).

One way to save Basil is to simply chop it up, mix it with Olive Oil,
and put it in a bag to store in the freezer. Then, it is easily accessible to use
when roasting meats or making pasta and pizza sauces. 
At least, that is what I mostly use it for.

This is Mint drying.
Once dried I store it in a mason jar, 
then it is ready to make tea.

A sprig of Lavender.
Sometimes my daughter has trouble falling asleep, 
and one evening asked me if there was anything available to help her out!
Chamomile, as mentioned before, helps one relax and fall asleep,
but since she doesn't enjoy that taste
I put this Lavender in her room,
and she says the scent is helping.

It's quite enjoyable learning about herbs and putting them to use caring for my family.
At just a few dollars per plant I really feel like I receive quite the bang for my buck
growing these in our garden.