garden goodness

We are currently enjoying many graces from the garden. Each day I gather lettuce and spinach for my lunch salad, and then in the late afternoon I do the same for our dinner.

According to my garden chart my Baker Creek Little Finger carrots should have been ready the first of June. It's not a big deal to leave carrots in the ground, and since I planted so many this year, I recently harvested just one fourth of what we planted. I have to say, carrots are so fun to pick. The taste? Amazingly intense. These are now added daily to the salads.

This is the 8x8 where most of the carrots were planted. Growing on the left side up the trellis are cucumbers, then carrots in the middle then tomato plants. After this picture was taken the carrots were thinned to let the cukes and tomatoes breathe.

Summer Squash! This is just one plant of about ten that are growing with great vigor. Check out the beautiful blossoms and the mini squashes beginning to grow. 

I have also been enjoying fresh herbal teas. I especially enjoy Chamomile tea and Mint tea. Brewing those teas straight from fresh leaves is wonderful. Mint is mostly refreshing to me, but Chamomile has calming properties. I brewed a pot unknowingly too strong last week, and after drinking two cups I was falling asleep. I could actually feel the tea working on me too. It would seem I need to watch my Chamomile consumption! I am enjoying the fresh leaves now of both plants, but am also drying some because I know it will be wonderful to have that resource in the cold, cold Winter season.

As for our other fresh herbs I used fresh Basil when making pot stickers, Cilantro for our tacos, and Sage, Rosemary and Thyme for pizza sauce. When finding out about my Dill plant, a friend recommended I make dill bread. That sounds so great, I'm hopeful to set aside the time to make that bread soon.