my heart, His garden

I come into my garden...Song of Solomon 5:1

The heart of the believer is Christ's garden
He bought it with His precious blood, 
and enters it and claims it as His own.

A garden implies separation

It is not the open common; 
it is not the wilderness; 
it is walled around or hedged in.

A garden is a place of beauty,
it far surpasses the wild, uncultivated lands.

...Christ's garden ought to produce the best flowers in all the world.
...let us not put Him off with withering and dwarf plants.
The rarest, richest, choicest lilies 
ought to bloom in the place Jesus calls His own.

The garden is a place of growth.

We should grow in grace, 
and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Growth should be rapid where Jesus is the Husbandman,
and the Holy Spirit the dew from above.

A garden is a place of retirement.

So the Lord Jesus Christ would have us reserve our souls
as a place in which He can manifest Himself.

The Lord grant the sweet showers of His grace 
to water His garden this day.

All text from Morning and Evening by C.H. Spurgeon
(specifically the June 18th evening entry)