potato progression

Yukon Gold potatoes were planted March 19th,
and the first bed was harvested June 22nd.


We harvested one 4x4 garden bed of Yukon Gold potatoes this past weekend. The second to last picture is of the complete harvest. Although this is not an impressive yield for 16 potato plants, I'm trying to look on the bright side. We had excessive amounts of rain this Spring, and I thought all of the potatoes would have rotted, which they didn't. We also learned after the fact that we shouldn't have used our rich compost to mound our potato plants because it make the plant leafy part of the plant grow instead of the tubers underneath the ground. We should have used simple old dirt. We'll remember this for next year. Besides the learning curve, we did harvest potatoes. I boiled the smallest potatoes as a side for a quick dinner for my husband (which accompanied a fresh fried egg sandwich). We all tried a bite, and liked what we tasted. The best description for these potatoes was fresh tasting and non-waxy. After eating these I realized how waxy store bought potatoes can be. We have three more garden boxes to harvest, and although I don't expect to be impressed with the yields, I will be thankful for whatever did grow.