bed of beauty

A gardener is never rich, 
yet he is ever raking together.
There is no man who has more beds than he,
but never a one worth lying on.
Wye Saltonstall - 1635

We absolutely have comfortable beds here,
or else I wouldn't receive proper rest for gardening.
However, it is funny to realize
that we have more garden beds in number than beds for people.

This large flower bed we call the Zinnia bed,
though it is home to Cosmos, Morning Glory and Pole Beans as well.

Pole Beans


Morning Glory

These plants are so easy to grow.
Great soil plus full sun and adequate watering,
and you have a vision of beauty to greet you each morning at breakfast
if it is strategically planted to be viewed from the table!

All seeds purchases from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds,
but for the Morning Glory plants purchased at Heartland Nursery and Garden Center.