denver days

My children and I piggybacked off of my husband's business trip to Denver to enjoy a little getaway ourselves.

It was a quick trip of meeting friends in Colorado Springs and seeing Garden of the Gods,

hiking the Devil's Head trail with cousins (this was the highlight of the trip for this hike-loving lady!)

and enjoying Red Rocks and Washington Park, too.

Having vacationed many summers in Colorado as a child, I highly anticipated returning to the majestic mountains and simply being able to see so far, and of course the views did not disappoint. The dry weather made outdoor activities so enjoyable, whereas at home we are usually at the pool if spending time outdoors during the Summer days. (Although I have to say it seems we brought the cool, open-the-windows weather back with us as the past few days have been in the seventies.) This was the children's first time traveling by airplane, and they handled the experience so well that my thoughts now ponder where to adventure next!