the summer mix

Right now I smell freshly mowed grass, am watching one child create art while the other creates fun with a r/c monster truck. Zucchini muffins were made for breakfast, garden potatoes and green beans roasted for dinner. Zucchini has been shredded for the freezer, and I'll be sauteing summer squash for lunch. We are relaxed, smack dab in the middle of vacation mode. We've been adventuring in the southern part of our state, celebrating birthdays and enjoying the goodness of the season. Summer brings such a great mix of enjoyment for living. The sweetness is that one must jump in and enjoy because too soon the garden will be done producing, the weather turning cold, both of which are okay with me, but in the meantime these moments I will savor. 

Silver Dollar City and Whitewater always provide
great adventures for us 

clockwise from top middle: pickling cukes, dill, pole green beans,
dragon's egg cukes, summer squash 
and zucchini (a variety that is the shape of eggplant)

 purple Cosmos

someone now has the face of a seven-year-old!