Zinnia Goodness

Although all my posts of late have been about the garden,
the kids and I are having great adventures this Summer
most having to do with swimming, biking and baseball.

Today is July 1, and this is the month to live up our school break
even more as August will bring a schedule to our schooling days.

Our weather has been lovely and temperate, 
perfect for adventures and gardening.
The green bean and cucumber vines are climbing,
producing beautiful flowers ready to bear fruit.
The pepper and tomato plants are producing,
but just need a bit more time to turn ripe.

The wonderful Zinnias are fulfilling my needs
for flowers and color.
As long as the dog doesn't trample them
or a random soccer ball doesn't smash them
they should continue to bloom through Summer
(growing a garden can be risky business!).

All the blooms below are from seeds passed to me from my mother-in-law,
except for the two marked as 
a new variety I decided to try from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.

Peppermint Stick Zinnia

Peppermint Stick Zinnia


Lorie said…
I love your beautiful zinnias.