garden update: july

The garden is steadily producing vegetables for us. 
Fresh, from your own backyard produce is so impressive.

We've had a great crop of zucchini, summer squash, dragon's egg cucumbers and pickling cucumbers - all of which now are scaling back on production.
However, the green beans, tomatoes and peppers are now on a roll - 
many are eaten fresh, and what is not is being stored in the freezer.
The 4 beds on the left were for the potatoes and will now be planted with
spinach, lettuce, kale and such to enjoy in early Autumn.

A few new vegetables we've grown this year are below.

Dragon's Egg cucumber
a white, green exterior that has a mild flavor
i enjoy frequently for lunch atop rye bread and cream cheese with fresh dill

Golden Beets
my daughter insisted we plant these!
this is the first time we've grown them, and they were easy to grow
internally they are a bright yellow, have a mild, sweet flavor
and don't stain your hands like red beets!

the Yukon Gold harvest from our second 4x4 bed
although not as big of a crop as we hoped,
i was thankful for whatever we received
and stretched this batch over 4 dinners for a family of 4

the only picture i took of our Fingerling potato harvest!
these were thinly sliced and roasted in olive oil,
but are also yummy fried in canola oil
we harvested more of the Fingerling potatoes,
which was nice,
but i do prefer the Yukon taste 
my husband enjoyed the process of 
planting, mounding and harvesting the potatoes,
(i did not!)
so we'll be growing them again, for his enjoyment!