tomatoes, tomatoes

Each day I seem to be preparing one type of vegetable for the freezer. This morning it was tomatoes. Last evening I harvested this large bowl of tomatoes. Underneath the cherry tomatoes, which we use for snacking, are probably 15 Roma tomatoes and 10 large (think cutting for sandwiches) tomatoes. Combined with what I already had in the kitchen I knew I need to take the time to blanch the tomatoes, puree into sauce and put in the freezer to enjoy in the Fall and Winter. Instead of preparing the sauce fully (adding herbs and vegetables), I find it best for me to simply puree the tomatoes, freeze and then when I am ready to use the sauce prepare it exactly the way I want to for what dish I am preparing at that sauce, spaghetti sauce, enchilada sauce. I did prepare fresh spaghetti sauce for this evening's dinner as my son has been begging me for that dish. I am on a rotation of preparing tomatoes one day, green beans the next, and even zucchini and summer squash on another day. I thought for sure the squash plants were finished producing a couple of weeks ago, but it turns out I was wrong, which is a good thing. We eat all of these items fresh, but to have the surplus in the freezer is such a blessing. We planted some greens for the Fall of which the Spinach and Swiss Chard are already growing, and it's a good thing since I'm ready to have the fresh leaves on my plate again for meals. Hopefully, we timed the succession planting just right, so that after these core Summer vegetables are done producing the greens will be ready to eat. 

It might seem all that we have been doing of late is gardening, but that is far from the truth! In fact, my children would have none of that. They enjoy the garden, but it isn't their idea of an all-day, every-day fun activity. I need to share some books we have been enjoying as well as creations my children have initiated. I'll save those gems for another post.