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Sunday, September 15, 2013

clinton state park

This weekend we crossed the state line into Kansas to hike at Clinton State Park. It's that time of year where I schedule frequent hikes for our family, and I was not disappointed. I've been searching for a wooded trail, not paved, fairly lengthy. These trails go for miles and miles in the woods on a narrow trail - perfect -, so we began at the eastern most point of the trail and hiked for a good three hours. We experienced it all. Shade, sun, a light drizzle, humidity, bugs and blooms. As always, I'm so thankful for the exercise, fresh air, experience in a new place. This park offers a number of activities with 1,500 acres including fishing, hiking, biking, swimming, camping and cabins. Although it takes a good hour to drive to this park it will be nice to make time to hike there again.

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