the september garden

Soon, very soon we will pull all the vegetables. First, we'll take all the fruit off. Like the green tomatoes? We'll let them ripen indoors. There are still many peppers, herbs and greens producing too, but frosts will come, the taste of the food severely diminishes and the plants stop growing. For now, the garden still looks pretty good, and I linger when it is in view knowing the barrenness to soon follow.

The August Garden

The September Garden

We even added support for the blackberry vines. The vines have grown from a few inches in Spring to over four feet now. Wonderful, I say! The vines can begin producing in their second year, so we'll see if we're that fortunate. Since we have a pet rabbit we are able to use her manure to directly fertilize plants, which we have been doing with the blackberries and they are obviously enjoying it with rapid, healthy growth. Rabbit manure is not "hot" meaning it is not strong and will not burn the plants when directly applied. We don't directly apply our chicken manure as it would burn the plants, but simply add it to our compost pile. Interesting stuff!