yesterday, in words

At the beginning of yesterday I began writing observations as they happened. I thoroughly enjoyed this little exercise as it slowed my day, helped me see what was occurring and provided an opportunity to write. As I've grown older, it has been difficult for me to find time to write, but this exercise fits seamlessly into my day  so I'm optimistic that I will try it again soon, and hopefully frequently.
  • a hummingbird flying near the zinnias
  • chocolate chip cinnamon muffins per her request
  • his story of a mouse found in a trap, told at breakfast, he tried to hold back but couldn't resist
  • rearranging furniture (a personal trademark which my children think in so fun)
  • trusting this to be the last of september's heat wave
  • looking forward to the return of a special someone
  • the glimpse of a beautiful mama cardinal on the japanese maple 
  • thankful for texting capabilities
  • a second cup of coffee mid-morning
  • the locust chorus, never ceasing
  • a slump in energy mid-afternoon
  • a home feeling too warm, even with the a/c running
  • the cool breeze watching young boys football-ing, such joy this sport brings a certain someone
  • out later than usual for this early-to-bed lady (focused on "being tired" not morping into "being grumpy)
  • a return to the too warm home to discover that the a/c, while running, is not cooling the home
  • thankful for: cold baths, open windows, electricity for the fans to run at their highest speeds, a night's rest