roasted green tomatoes?

I've never been drawn to the idea of fried green tomatoes. I don't know why, but the thought of the taste doesn't sound appealing to me. And, yes, you can say that I am judging that before I've experienced it.

However, this week I came across a recipe for Roasted Green Tomatoes, and thought, yes, that sounds tasty. I adjusted the recipe to roast the vegetables at a higher temperature to roast quickly, since I was hungry for lunch. Really, you roast these just like you would any other vegetable: clean, dice, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with salt. I topped the tomatoes with mozzerella, brewed some coffee and enjoyed a simple, autumnal lunch.

Now, I know what to do with all those green tomatoes left on the vine each year after the warm, summer months have passed.


I am so glad you tried them! It blesses my heart for some reason to be able to share these things :) Haha! I am also glad to find your delightful blog! If you ever link-up, consider yourself invited. We have a special community at Deep Roots and if you are a friend with comments, you will easily make friends. Blessings on your day...