grace at the bakery

What I have been given is so good. What has been withheld is also good. In a nutshell, the Great Giver knows how to give the Best of Gifts.

Our days have a great rhythm to them. My life as homemaker and homeschooling mother means it is up to me to take the initiative, be a self-starter, take charge of my responsibilities in order for growth to take place. I've found that the earliest indication that I am not fulfilling my end of this life is not when a child struggles with math, or stumbles in reading, turns in messy cursive writing. No, the earliest indication is when the relationship begins to be strained. It's easy to think we are missing the mark when an activity is missed, a skill isn't obtained, "success" isn't met. It's easy to value achievement over relationship. I have observed, though, that value of the relationship puts achievement in its place. In my estimation, relationship is the greatest achievement.

My children and I were at a bakery today enjoying pastries and quiet, reading time. A friendly older (65-ish?) lady commenting on how darling my children were. Of course, I said thank you! She then inquired if we homeschooled because of course we are an anomaly sitting at a bakery mid-morning on a school day. Later her husband came by, pointed to my children and asked if I just loved this time together, and I said it was precious to me. He then said that it was precious also to my children. What grace to receive from strangers at a bakery. They didn't ask about what we studied, what curriculum we used, what activities we participated in.

They simply noticed the relationship; that we were together. I wonder if at that age it easier to see what matters most. I want to build a life focusing on what matters most today.