dog sitting

The dog was created specially for children. 
He is the god of frolic. 
-Henry Ward Beecher-

When my daughter was two years old and I was expecting our son,
we welcomed a yellow Labrador Retriever into our home.
Funny timing, right?
A Lab puppy is synonymous with energy, 
and I didn't realize that the puppy stage lasts for two years.
Although I do not fall under the label of "dog person"
I'm so glad that we have our Lab, named Arwen Evenstar,
and can only see us always having a canine friend here with our family.
Although I am not the one to romp with the dog,
enjoy her kisses, or give her heaps of affection,
I live with three people who do.
In my opinion having pets in a family is great for children,  
it allows them to grow in compassion and care,
provides responsibility,
allows their systems to be around pet dander,
and, of course, is an avenue for entertainment and companionship.
Although not a "dog person" these are all benefits for me as well!

My husband's aunt and uncle have a wonderful little dog named Gabbie.
While our Lab is mostly an outdoor dog, this dog is an indoor dog
allowed on the furniture and even sleeps with the children.
Really, she makes us want to get another dog very similar to her.

Over hunting season we cared for Gabbie,
and over Christmas break we'll have the fun of dog sitting her again
for about two weeks.
The above quote rings true.
Dogs do provide frolic, especially for my children,
and our Lab gets in on the fun as well when Gabbie is here.