hot chocolate cubes

Who knew there was such a thing as hot chocolate cubes? Well, I do now since my daughter enlightened me after reading an article in her American Girl magazine. She loved the idea of making these so much we decided to make them as a gift for her teachers, and for a friend who cuts our hair.

These cubes are very easy to make. You simply need a silicone ice cube tray, chocolate chip flavor of choice and additional toppings. 

My daughter is pictured above holding White Chocolate Peppermint cubes. They were made by melting white chocolate chips, pouring the mixture into the silicone tray, adding crushed peppermints to the top and then letting them cool in the refrigerator. Isn't that simple? It was a breeze since we worked as a team.

Here is the link to the American Girl website with the cubes. However, the website does not include all the recipes we read about in the magazine. 

We created Marshmallow Hot Chocolate cubes by simply melting milk chocolate chips, pouring them into the silicone tray, adding three or four marshmallows to the top and refrigerating. We also created Salted Caramel Chocolate cubes by pouring melted milk chocolate in the cubes, adding a bit of melted caramel to the top and then sprinkling with sea salt. 

After the cubes have hardened in the refrigerator you simply add one to a cup of hot milk, stir and enjoy!